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Digital Literacies Pathways: Practicing Digital Literacies Hands On (Tinkering Path)

Visual Assignment 1:-

In my first attempt to use this path, I tried to use the tool of converting an image into a sketch and how well it will still be understood by the observer. In that regard, I chose to test if converting images of nature into black and white sketch format would still deliver the same message and clarity without the use of color. Accordingly, I tested this theory by applying the tool on three pictures of nature that have different scales. I used this technique to test my understanding of the picture and efficiency of the tool as the zooming changes respectively.

At first hand, the disappearance of colors gave me a feeling that I wouldnt understand all three pictures after seeing the original color and understanding the feel of the image. However, as I looked closer into the pictures, I felt that the best case scenario to observe an image of nature in sketch mode would be when it is zoomed in completely. In that regard, I felt that the lines were clearer without the colors and could be easily defined and recreated in another manual sketch using this technique. In contrast to that, the lady picture was very dull and did not show any adequate details of nature that could give the observer details of either the feel or elements in the surrounding context.

Visual Assignment 2:-

In the second assignment, I chose to design a poster for an event of any kind. Meanwhile, I chose to design a poster inviting people to attend Roberto Cavalli’s fashion event being held in Paris. I chose him specifically because he has a unique character that took me time to understand and respects his extravagant nature in the way i designed my invitation.

I started by plotting a virtual list of his target users that i arranged for myself to understand his style and who would would want to attend this event and how would they want to observe the invitation. Once I was able to find users that mimicked the feel of the designer, I started generating fabrics on the poster that match both the user’s character in contrast to the existing designs by Cavalli.

After understanding the user group, I was able to come up with keywords that would helped design a poster of a certain identity. In that regard, my keywords were dynamic, powerful, multilayered, creative and exotic.

Visual Assignment 3:-

In this task, I was required to choose my favorite quote in a movie and use a picture that best describes the quote. Personally, I chose Greys Anatomy, a tv show that focuses on the lives of several doctors in their field and gives the users details about their personal lives as well. One of the important scenes in the series was during the reunion of Meredith and Derek, her husband who was killed a few seasons ago in a car accident. She had a dream that included both of them reuniting after his death at the beach.I was then able to quickly resonate the image with one of my favorite quotes in the series when Meredith said: “Cause you never think that the last time is the last time. You think there will be more. You think you have forever, but you don’t”.

Personally, I would not link the quote to death incidents only. It would make me think of more day to day events like missed opportunities, breaking friendships and never seeing loved ones again. In that regard, it could also be the last time you visited your school campus, hardly remembering how the spaces were aligned there. One thing I always think after reading this quote is to hold on tight to my present and cherish the events happening now, by then I can learn to be more grateful and accepting to my fate.

Visual Assignment 4:-

In this assignment, I was asked to test my sense of creativity and imagination by imagining a certain picture in my head and recreate it by giving a sense of illusion of completely different elements. Initially, I pictured a view of the mountains having a spiral role and ending at the top with a volcano that erupts in a way that would look dangerous for the cars going uphill.

When I was looking for inspirations, I wanted to find an element that represented verticality in the way mountains express their power through heights and rigidity in nature. Also, I needed a fluid element that would act as the danger I envisioned for vehicles. I chose food as a main element to explain my idea. In that regard, the main design tool in this poster would be the contrast created visually between the dressing seeping from above while the lettuce continues to sustain itself.

I believe that this assignment helped me widen my imagine skills since I am used to be rather systematic and focused on real object that have a clear and definite structure. In that regard, I felt that I used my digital skills to think about the roles different elements of nature have and what they perceive to the outside world. In that sense, I was able to envision them in a hypothetical way that can be understood right away.

Visual Assignment 5:-

This assignment tested my creative skill in an interesting way as well. I was required to think of a cartoon character and think of their potential as a face for an advertisement. Since most of them are always designed with no purpose for the adult community, I was able to start my steps with understand their physical appearance, the characters in the show and what they meant to the main character of the cartoon. By identifying solid connections in the cartoon, It was easy to develop a certain identity for the character to promote the service.

Furthermore, I chose The Fairly OddParents as my main cartoon show. The main character, Timmy Turner, was my area of focus in the concept face. I started by analyzing his physical appearance and observed that he was the only character if the entire cast with no full set of teeth! Afterwards, I wanted to create a connection between the purpose of the cartoon show which is allowing Turner to achieve all his wishes by the use of his Fairly OddParents. In that regard, I thought they would promote for a dental clinic center and solve Turner’s problem in the show of having no teeth.

Visual Assignment 6:-

In this assignment, I chose to design a card that delivers a message of appreciate and gratitude. I chose you Dr to send this card and personally thank for all your efforts in the course to help us develop a new way to view the world around us. I chose “Canva”, an online platform similar to Adobe Photoshop that allows users to form their own templates and encourages layering.

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One response to “Digital Literacies Pathways: Practicing Digital Literacies Hands On (Tinkering Path)”

  1. I really enjoyed going through your tinkering assignments, Alia. Thank you for the lovely card! I really loved seeing the lettuce/mountain/volcano concept! Which tools did you use to make it?


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